Our Story

‘Triple Star Special School’ is a non-profit special charity Institute for the special /Autistic children. It is everyone’s social responsibility to stand beside these kids with immense potentiality.

On the humanitarian ground, we have established Triple Star Special School with the patronization of some prominent entrepreneurs.


Behind story that spurred its establishment

The mother sect is naturally invincible and indomitable. Nevertheless some body's struggle is distinctive. Ms. Naznin is also an invincible and courageous mother with many qualities.

After marriage, Naznin-Kamrul couple was blessed with their much awaited child, like other couples. However, they didn't know their first child would be a special child, retarded one. They experienced the harsh reality when their child was not responding and was not behaving like a usual child yet after 6/7 months of birth.

Doctor confirmed it as a 'Special child'. Since then, the mother's struggle had been started. That girl child was growing up. Naznin realized that her child behavior was similar like a Special child. Nevertheless, mother waited for hearing the sweet call “Mother" in a golden morning.

Days pass by but the waiting continues. There is no visible, reasonable behavior on her baby's activities. In that connection, 7 years went by. The mother Najnin didn't listen the calling “Mom", but she is one of the most courageous mothers in the world.

After passing 7 years, Najnin became pregnant again. The most uttering thing was that she was going to breed twin baby. At one side, happiness was there, on the other hand, anxiety and fear filled her mind. After doing routine check-up by the doctor, he assured Najnin as she had borne twin normal children. Nothing to worry about and there is no possibility of becoming Special childlike previous one. After passing more three months, Najnin couple had another strong doubt that their twin children are also disabled / retarded. Having got birth they didn't scream at all. They did a little meekly sound.

As she had a prior bitter experience, so she went to doctor to consult. After diagnosis, she utterly noticed that her twin baby were also Autistic. She was no more option to think, she imagined that nothing could act beside her. Their mind was full of grief. They thought nothing. All were unpredictable. Only Allah knows how much agony they bore! How much pain they had! A harsh reality appeared before them. Time went by.

Name of her first child is Hridi, who is at age 14. Another Twin baby is 7 years old. They were extremely cute and their name are Rothi & Rethi. She was disappointed not to hear Mom after giving birth these three children. This pain is beyond the description. Never ever.

Hats off with deep respect observing her dedication and patience. We salute her for her unparalleled struggle. We salute her courage and experience.

Some people are indifferent towards these types of special children of our society. Because of such a narrow mentality, Ms. Najnin also with her three special kids were terminated from her in-law’s house. That was one of the harsh realities she faced.

Since that day, she took the decision to setup such an organization which will for the special children of our society. They will get all kinds of facilities from that institute. At that time, she was required the cooperation of the established people of this society. She received assistance and courage from some of kind hearted social leaders.  As a result, this is the special school today.