About Us

Triple Star Special School" is a nonprofit Charity project. Technically and financially supported by Daffodil Foundation, Reg.No. S-4302 (404)/04, Dhaka. This noble initiative is taken for the Special Children of our society.

It is alarming that more than 12% of the total population of Bangladesh is victimized of disability. They need proper guideline and motivation from us. Government and various non-government organizations are working restlessly on improvement of their quality of life. Now, with the help of some prominent entrepreneur of our society, we have established a special school named Triple Star Special School for disable special child, where, only special children can perform their activities. Here, the tender children will get education and will participate to different co-educational activities as well. They will be able to establish their rights in this society by receiving proper caring and special learning process. This School provide their education and therapeutic intervention by identifying children's problems and need assessment.